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Let’s not get irrational!

Make sure you lead the pack by maintaining an investor’s mindset The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) depends on an array of variables to remain relevant. One particular variable of significance, particularly with property investment, is that the investor is rational, is driven by an aversion to risk and is seeking the maximum possible return…

Buying a Tenanted Investment Property

There are plenty of upsides to buying an investment property that already has a tenant, as well as a raft of risks. Here’s how to minimise them. Purchasing an investment property that already has a tenant means you collect rent from day one, with no vacant period and no lease fees to find a new…

High Density Living

Proximity to the amenities that today’s society demands is a far greater driver than purchasing an established home in an undesirable location. Today property buyers have many options when comparing properties on offer ranging from CBD based to rural areas from high density to low-density living and from small studio apartments to architecturally designed masterpieces….

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