Property Selling Tips

First impressions when viewing a property are critical when buying a property 

Selling Tips

First impressions last – and nothing could be true when it comes to presenting your property for sale. These tips can help you clinch a great price and a premium sale price. One should always present the property in the best way possible.

Create street appeal: Many people will drive by before deciding whether to come to your open home. So it’s important to have the outside of your home looking its best.

Move rubbish bins out of sight, especially if they’re one of the first things people will see.

Trim hedges and shrubs and have the lawn freshly mowed.

Clean, tidy & well-maintained: Give your house a good clean, inside and out, to make it appear more livable.

Clear away any clutter that has accumulated in living spaces to show off the space. People will peek in your cupboards. A de-clutter & tidy can make them look very roomy.

It’s worth getting any small items fixed before the sale. Buyers do notice minor maintenance issues such as sticking doors, dripping taps, flaking paint, and missing light bulbs.

Decorating for sale: Not everyone’s decoration tastes are the same. It’s often safer to assume a more neutral style. Consider paintings or mirrors to help fill blank walls. Include vases and plants for a homely feel. Use single beds to maximise space in smaller bedrooms. Use appropriate outdoor furniture to show a buyer how they might use the area.

On The Day

Bring in light and air: Open up a few windows prior to your opening to keep air flowing. Draw back curtains and blinds to bring in as much light as possible and to show off your house from the street.

Make yourself scarce: While your house is getting the once over, it’s best to leave buyers to explore their potential new home on their own.

And the pets: One of the most common complaints from buyers is those tell-tale signs you share your home with someone furry.

Try to get rid of any smells and any inside evidence of your pets. It’s also best to have them absent or contained during inspections.

A homely feel: Lastly, don’t be afraid to put some smells back in! The old favorites, fresh bread, flowers, and coffee can make your home feel familiar and inviting for potential buyers.

What if my property is rented? Tenants learning that you want to sell can be upsetting. It can be difficult to produce the same standard of presentation had you been living in your home. We encourage tenants to support you in your decision to sell by keeping the property clean and tidy.

What are the factors that impact a property to lose value?


The location is the single most important factor that can reduce the value of a property — and not just because it might be a tough suburb or a long distance from anywhere. Location can also be about where one apartment is compared with another in a block of units or what side of the street a house is on. Usually, apartments positioned on higher or top levels tend to experience greater capital growth because they are not only more attractive to investors and owners but also to tenants.


Amenity is all about services and infrastructure, things that people want near their homes such as shops, schools, businesses, recreation parks, and community facilities. It’s also about what people don’t want near their homes such as a fast food outlet, a party pub, or a car wash. You want to be close to the good things and away from the bad.

Its generally accepted that properties within five or ten minutes’ walking distance to the local transport, shops, and schools generally have a higher capital growth than properties further away.

Being within a desirable school zone can add tens of thousands of dollars to home while being on the wrong side of the street and outside the zone will reduce the value.


Instead of adding value, bad and cheap renovations can actually diminish the value of a home. Buyers and valuers will be forced to discount the price in order to demolish, remove and then replace poorly designed or constructed additions and renovations.

Renovations should only be directed to your target market. Research your local market, and know the general demographics and the needs of those households.


A versatile floor plan is going to be in more demand than many larger properties with little flexibility or poorly planned rooms. The way a house flows, open plan areas, and the ability to use rooms for different uses is one of the most important things buyers and investors look for.


Being too close or too far from transport options can impact the value. The extra traffic and transport noise from being too close to a train station, for example, will lower the value of a property. Too far away and it reduces the number of potential buyers or tenants. Properties closer to main roads also diminish value due to the higher perceived traffic noise and congestion.

Generally, the property should be protected from people walking past, for noise and privacy. The ability to be able to drive in and out of a driveway is also crucial as buyers will be deterred away from a property that may be at risk of a car accident.


Noise in many instances is unavoidable. It can be a very real problem for occupants of the property and future buyers. The valuers will also be making a note of any noise issues that the property may be subjected to such as public transport, industry, or restaurant issues. These issues will influence the final value assessment. 


Natural light is very important as many buyers know that north-facing properties generally are the best positioned to benefit from the sunlight. At times larger neighboring buildings do impact the sun shining through the property windows. Many prospective buyers know that the best time to view a property is between 10 am and 3 pm in the afternoon to witness whether the lack of natural light will influence their buying decision.  


Having safe access to public transport or parking in a safe neighborhood is going to impact the security value of a property. Security and privacy are important issues that should not be underestimated when preparing a property for sale. The security aspect is extremely important, especially for families with young children.


Cluttered, messy rooms and dirty walls and ceilings can also detract potential buyers from considering your property. Also, a bad paint job will also devalue the property as the buyer will be confronted with further renovation costs. Try to keep the colours neutral. You could also consider renting out some furniture during the listing period to add buyers’ appeal. 


First impressions are critical – if buyers don’t like the outside, they probably won’t look inside.

Keep the garden neat and tidy and colourful and tidy. Declutter your garage/carport/workshop, repair fencing where necessary, if your letterbox is not up to scratch, replace it!


Light makes rooms look more spacious. Open all window furnishings, replace dead light globes and consider using some high output globes


Give the impression of space by storing items that do not add to the ambiance of the room. Kitchen benches in particular should be uncluttered.


Clean and repair where necessary.


Bathrooms and kitchens are always a focus so ensure that they are sparkling. Repair grout or sealant where required and polish fittings.


Wax/polish timber floors and steam clean carpets where necessary.



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