What We Do

We work with some of the best forward-thinking Property Developers in Australia

 BPRE is a division and group partner of the Finance Systems Australia Pty Limited integrating and managing three business models:

• Real Estate Sales and Research
• Finance Advice and Services
• Digital Media Marketing, Editorials and Web Applications

The FSA Group is a Market Data Research, Digital Media, and Finance distribution network operating in the Real Estate and Finance industries under respective operating licenses.

comOur aim is to support consumers in their buying, selling, and financing decision-making process based on market data and supporting financial tools.

The area of property investment and finance can at times become very complex and many consumers make critical purchasing and financing decisions based on unqualified judgments.

We provide an extensive portfolio of property listings spread all over Australia. These properties are provided by some of the best forward-thinking Property Developers in Australia. We also provide traditional selling Real Estate services.

We support our customers to select properties that meet with their investment capacity and strategy. We also provide borrowers with credit advice and assistance in obtaining the most suitable finance product to meet their overall lending needs and objectives.

We strive to improve our customer’s wealth base by providing the best products, services, and support at all times.


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